UD Ni80+Kanthal Clapton Wire (26/32AWG)

Youde UD

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UD Ni80+Kanthal Clapton Wire (26/32AWG)


"Clapton" is the name given to thin wire wrapped around a thicker wire, resembling that of a guitar string. Clapton wire provides low resistance but a large surface area to vaporise e-liquid which produces massive amounts of vapour. This Clapton wire features a single 26AWG Ni80 (Nichrome) core with 32AWG Kanthal wrapped around.


    • 1 x 5 metre roll of Ni80 and Kanthal Calpton 26/32AWG wire


    This product is for advanced users only. It consists of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly. Please make sure that you have great understanding and have done researches on this product before purchasing.

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