UD Kanthal A1 ** Multiple Gauges

Youde UD

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UD Kanthal A1 ** Multiple Gauges


Youde's line of high-quality Kanthal Resistance Wires are perfect for your Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs / RBAs). Select from a range of gauges depending on your preference and build type. Made with the highest-quality materials, you are sure to get a stable and satisfying hit each and every time.

  • Made with High-Quality Kanthal Metal
  • Perfect for Sub-Ohm and Standard-Resistance Builds
  • Great For All Build Types


  • 1 x 10 metre roll of Kanthal A1 wire in selected AWG


This product is for advanced users only. It consists of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly. Please make sure that you have great understanding and have done researches on this product before purchasing.

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