Stormy RDA by FLHS (Made in Taiwan) 22MM BF RDA

R 750.00


Stormy RDA  F. L. H. S. is a brand of Taiwan's famous Furuji Fudosan. This RDA which is inscribed as a gale, is an RDA where the insistence of their familiarity with VAPE is seen everywhere though it is a compact size feeling with a short back and seemingly simple design.

Of particular note are six small air holes designed at the top of the top cap calculated from the lung capacity of adults and structured to generate the original Stormy RDA airflow together with the side air holes. Here you can open and close by rotating the 510 adapter.

In addition, the bottom of the deck is shaped like a bowl, and it is designed so that liquid does not remain at the time of BF operation (Please attach the included BF pin when using BF). Drip Tips of 510 and 810 are included, and you can enjoy it with DL or MTL.


  • Patent Air Flow 
  • Perfect Air Intake 
  • Juice Recycle Desk
  • Matching Exterior
  • Diameter - 22MM
  • Heigh - 24MM
  • Adjustable air flow 
  • Bottom Feeder support
  • Serial Number
  • Heat insulate 


  • 1 x Stormy RDA
  • 1 x PC clean competition drip tip
  • 1 x POM black adjustable drip tip
  • 1 x Accessories pack