**NEW** Nitecore i8 IntelliCharger

R 750.00


The i8 intelligently distributes power among its 8 slots to maximise performance and charge each slot independently with speeds at a blazing fast 1500mA per slot when charging two batteries down to 500mA  per slot when charging all 8 slots simultaneously.

The unit also includes two USB output ports to charge devices like smartphones and tablets while the slim design offers a minimal footprint on your desktop.

The i8 also features easy to view red and green indicators so you'll always know the charging status - even from across the room. Red indicates charging in progress, while green will indicate charging completed. Built-in safety mechanisms will immediately alert you if the batteries are inserted with polarity reversed or short-circuited. Should this occur, the i8 will stop charging and a red indicator will rapidly blink over the affected slot.


  • 1x Nitecore i8 Intelligent Charger
  • 1x South African 2 pin Power Cable
  • 1x User Manual