DotBottle (DotSquonk Bottle Set)

R 335.00

dotBottle Set for dotSquonk

Large capacity. The proprietary dotBottle boasts a 12ml ejuice reservoir with an ergonomic feel and shape that perfectly sits in the dotSquonk.

Keep it organized. With a wide range of our classic colors you won't reach for the wrong flavor. Collect multiple bottles to trade your ejuice with your friends.

Additional Specifications:

  • Silicon Bottle Construction
  • 12ml Juice Resevoir
  • Designed for dotSquonk
  • Hand washable

Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Clear, and Tiffany Blue


  • One (1) silicon dotBottle
  • One (1) plastic fill tube
  • One (1) squonk ready ultem lid
  • One (1) closed ultem storage lid