Hello Vape Fam!

Thanks for taking part in our discount wheel game! You have the chance to save up to 30% when shopping online this festive season!

You will get a chance to spin the wheel once based on your email address. A discount code will be generated and assigned to you. You have 10 minutes from the time you win to check out, place your order and use that code.

We’ve assigned minimum order values to each discount in order for it to qualify. This is listed below for your convenience. 

  • 5% OFF - no minimum order value
  • R60.00 OFF - minimum order of R200.00
  • 30% OFF - minimum order of R300.00
  • 15% OFF - minimum order of R200.00
  • R150.00 OFF - minimum order of R350.00
  • FREE SHIPPING - minimum order of R200.00

Discount codes and availability are subject to availability. This offer may expire at any time.

Enjoy the discounts. Have fun. And Happy Holidays :)